Reskeiner - Skein Winder & Swift Combo

Skein Size:
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A skein winder, or skeiner, is used to wind yarn into a skein, or hank, from some other source such as a cone, a ball or cake, or even from an existing skein. A swift is used to hold an existing skein of yarn while the yarn is wound to something else, using a ball winder, cone winder, or skein winder. Our innovative reskeiner combines both of these essential tools into one convenient package. On one side is a heavy duty, adjustable vertical swift. On the other side is our hand cranked adjustable skein winder.

The reskeiner can be used to split a heavy skein into two or more lighter skeins, to reskein a large circumference skein into a smaller circumference skein. The swift can be used independently when winding yarn into a ball, or the skein winder can be used when winding a skein from a cone.

The optional integrated digital revolution counter counts the revolutions of the skein winder.

We offer these reskeiners in 1½, 2, or 3 yard circumferences, with or without a built in electronic digital revolution counter. Order the winder to best suit your yarn winding needs.

Note: the 1½ and 2 yard models can not be upgraded to a larger model, but the 2 yard and 3 yard models can wind 1½ and 1 yard skeins. For greater versatility, we recommend you order the larger model unless space is a factor or you don't plan to wind larger skeins.

  • Ball Bearing Movement: Smooth solid winding motion
  • Independent Movement: Winder and swift spin independently
  • Comfortable Handle: Large contoured plastic revolving handle for comfort and a good grip
  • Adjustable Skein Size: Circumferences from 36 inches up to 61*, 89, or 116 inches
  • Convenient Size Markings: Markings every quarter yard
  • Electronic Revolution Counter: Silently track the quantity of yarn, easy to read from the front of the winder (optional)
  • Large Capacity: Up to one pound of wool per skein
  • Versatile Yarn Handling: Wind anything from lace weight to super bulky
  • Starting Clip: Easy to use clip holds the leading end of your yarn
  • Environmentally Friendly Finish: A blend of natural oils, beeswax and citrus based solvent
  • 1 Year Warranty: We will repair or replace the winder if it has any defect in workmanship or materials within the first year
* 1½ yard model
† 2 yard model
‡ 3 yard model


1½ Yard Reskeiner
  • Overall: 21" wide × 16" deep × 25" tall
  • Base: 13" wide × 16" deep
2 Yard Reskeiner
  • Overall: 31" wide × 16" deep × 35" tall
  • Base: 18" wide × 16" deep
3 Yard Reskeiner
  • Overall: 41" wide × 16" deep × 45" tall
  • Base: 22" wide × 16" deep

Yarn Capacity (per skein)

  • 1 Yard - Up to 1 pound of yarn
  • 1½ Yard - Up to 1½ pounds of yarn
  • 2 Yard - Up to 2 pounds of yarn
  • 3 Yard - Up to 3 pounds of yarn
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