Heavy Duty Vertical Swift

Skein Size:
Allow 4-6 weeks for production
We can not ship outside of North America at this time.

Available in 1½ yard, 2 yard or 3 yard circumference, our heavy duty vertical yarn swift is the ideal tool to hold your yarn while rewinding it to skeins or balls. With ball bearing movement and heavy, stable construction this swift is the ideal companion to our electric or hand-cranked skein winders.

Our vertically oriented yarn swifts allow for easier unwinding of the yarn, because the yarn is held in a vertical loop, gravity does not cause the yarn to overlap and tangle as with a horizontal swift. Since the yarn can be held on the swift without tension on the pegs, the skein is free to untwist, allowing the yarn to wind off more smoothly. Our ball bearing movement allows the swift to spin freely, reducing the tension exerted on the yarn as it is wound. This produces cakes, balls or skeins with more loft, which is better for the yarn and easier to work with.

  • Adjustable Skein Size: Circumferences from 36 inches up to 61*, 89, or 116 inches
  • Convenient Size Markings: Markings every quarter yard
  • Ball Bearing Movement: Smooth, easy motion reduces tension on yarn
  • Heavy & Stable: Heavy weight, solid construction and rubber feet prevent wandering
  • Space Saving: Vertical design uses less table space than a horizontal swift
  • Large Capacity: Holds over one pound of yarn
  • Hooked Pegs: Prevents yarn from slipping off the end of the pegs
  • Environmentally Friendly Finish: A blend of natural oils, beeswax and citrus based solvent
  • 1 Year Warranty: We will repair or replace the swift if it has any defect in workmanship or materials within the first year
* 1½ yard model
† 2 yard model
‡ 3 yard model


1½ Yard Swift
  • Overall: 26" wide × 11" deep × 28" tall
  • Base: 13" wide × 11" deep
2 Yard Swift
  • Overall: 36" wide × 11" deep × 38" tall
  • Base: 18" wide × 11" deep
3 Yard Swift
  • Overall: 46" wide × 11" deep × 48" tall
  • Base: 22" wide × 11" deep

Yarn Capacity (per skein)

  • 1 Yard - Up to 1 pound of yarn
  • 1½ Yard - Up to 1½ pounds of yarn
  • 2 Yard - Up to 2 pounds of yarn
  • 3 Yard - Up to 3 pounds of yarn
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